Business Advocacy

The ERC5- East of the River Five Town Chamber of Commerce promotes an environment that fosters the economic growth in the Towns of East Longmeadow, Hampden, Longmeadow, Ludlow, and Wilbraham. The ERC5 has a strong and working partnership with local and state government officials critical for growing businesses.

Single Tax Rate Classification - ERC5 works each and every day to promote and advocate for our business community. Our work to maintain the Single Tax Rate Classification in each of our five-towns. Tax Classification Hearings are important to all businesses because the Select Boards or Town Councils vote to decide if Commercial Property will pay a higher tax rate than Residential Properties, also known as the Split Tax Rate. A vote for the Split Tax Rate can become very costly for businesses and result in only a minimal tax break for residential properties. Fortunately, through the advocacy of the ERC5 and the wisdom of the boards, all of our 5-Towns historically voted for the Single Rate tax, a gain and tremendous financial benefit for our members. Maintaining a Single Rate tax does not happen with the Chamber's efforts alone, it requires effort on the part of the business community. It is imperative that our voices are heard.

ERC5 partners with the Economic Development Council. The EDC is a private, nonprofit corporation leading the region's economic development by helping businesses to expand, relocate and succeed in Western Massachusetts.