Ribbon Cutting and Grand Openings

East of the River Five Town Chamber of Commerce Policy for a Successful Ribbon Cutting and Grand Opening events.

The ERC5 offers Ribbon Cuttings to Members only in our Five Town community. We are pleased to participate in and publicize on our web site and social media any ribbon cuttings, grand openings and ground breakings.

This is usually done in the event that a company or organization has recently opened, moved to a new location or expanded its current location.

The Chamber’s role consists of some or all of the following (once information is provided by your organization or company):

  • Sending out invitations to our Ambassador and Board of Directors.
  • Posting your event announcement on our social media accounts and other select locations.
  • Posting details of the event on the Chamber website calendar, and social media.
  • Providing the scissors.
  • Posting your event pictures on our Facebook page and other appropriate platforms.
Member Benefits / Discount Programs

Criteria for Chamber involvement in such events are:

Event must be arranged with the chamber 3 weeks in advance of the event date, however, we encourage you to call us sooner as we may be able to give you help planning your event.

Please call the ERC5 to inquire about our availability. 413-224-2444

Opening events will be attended by the Chamber's Board Members or Ambassadors, an official representative of the ERC5 as scheduling allows, we will make every effort to have at least two individuals associated with the ERC5 at your event.

The following Tips will help make your event smoother and more enjoyable for you and your guests!

Planning Planning Planning… Create and try to stick to a timeline. You should ask an associate to keep track of the timeline and the clock. You will all be busy and hopefully having a lot of fun! It is easy to lose track of time. If you hire a caterer (please consider a fellow chamber member), they can help you with your plan and even help you arrange other services if needed.

The More the Merrier… While the Chamber invites Chamber Ambassadors, and Chamber Staff, we encourage businesses to invite clients, vendors, neighboring businesses, family and friends to ribbon cuttings. This is not only to have a large gathering for photo opportunities; it enables the business to showcase its assets to more people in the community. You may also want to invite local officials, again, it will be dependent on their schedule, but it is always a nice opportunity for everyone to mingle.

Decorate… Celebrate this great event by having festive décor—balloons and company signage not only draw attention to your business, it brings a celebratory spirit to the ceremony and makes it easier for attendees to locate your business.

Refreshments… Depending on what time of day you choose to hold your event, it is courteous to offer refreshments. If you are hosting at lunch time, you will want to make sure you guests don’t feel rushed to stop for food elsewhere before returning to work. If you choose an after work celebration, you can make the event as casual or upscale as you like. Mid-afternoon and early morning Celebrations are difficult for most people to attend. We strongly urge you to schedule during the following times to have a good response to your invitations: 8:00a.m.-10:00a.m. or 11:00a.m.- 2:00p.m. or after 4:30 p.m.

Open up… Give guests a brief tour of your company and explain its function. Make sure that people conducting the tour are knowledgeable about your organization. Not everyone attending will want to take a tour.

Network… Make sure business cards are handy and if feasible, have some give away items available. Consider having a small raffle prize too!

Logistics… Please make sure there is ample, safe parking for your invited guests. Occasionally, your neighbor businesses will let you use their lots if you can arrange your event around their schedule.

Press… You should send out a press release about your event as soon as you have the details. Press may or may not show up based on their schedule. You should plan to have someone take pictures that can be sent in with captions to the business sections of your local papers and online news outlets.

Please feel free to call the ERC5 office if you have any questions. This is just a guideline, this is your celebration! Let us know how we can help!

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