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About Us

The East of the River Chamber was established in June of 2008 to include the East Longmeadow, Hampden, Longmeadow, Ludlow and Wilbraham Chambers of Commerce.

We appreciate the support of the business community and look forward to a continued partnership in building an economically-thriving community. We have an exciting future ahead of us. Join us in our work to make it fruitful for your family, your business and your community.

Dianne Fabrocini
Executive Director

Contact Information:
Phone: (413) 755-1318
Email: fabrocini@myonlinechamber.com

Executive Director's Message

The ERC5 provides all member businesses with more than just networking opportunities. As a former small business owner, I understand that every dime counts and that business owner are usually the first ones in, the last ones out, and the last to get paid. Business owners have to be experts in all aspects of business whether its customer service, human resources, accounts receivables, accounts payable, payroll, insurance, to name a few. In addition, we are responsible to our customers and for our employees and their families.

As a business resource organization, the ERC5 Chamber takes a great deal of pride in the fact that we are the best business resource organization in our towns. We can help reduce or alleviate the stresses associate with the daily operations of a business. The resources at our disposal can assist any business with any issue it may face...all you have to do is ask.

Our member benefits and discount program provide our members with the lowest priced healthcare for small businesses in the region, discounts for home, life, auto, dental, and pet insurance, discounts on merchant services/credit card processing, to name a few; but the greatest service we provide is as a one-stop business resource center. The ERC5 can assist with everything from introductions to the business owner or decision makers to referring a needed service provider.

Our goal is to become an important partner in your business but to accomplish this "you have to ask". The next time you need some assistance with a business issue or concern please contact me at 413-755-1318; it just might help you sleep a little better; just a little better...I can't promise a full night's sleep, sorry.


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